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The FRACHI Group is a transatlantic investor who is supporting IT-driven ideas related to real estate.

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FRACHI is a transatlantic business accelerator and investor. We usually invest money, marketing capacities, programming resources, and/or business-centric consulting knowledge silently into companies and projects. Through dedication and experience, we help innovative companies and small teams to achieve their targets or to get the next financing round.

FRACHI is more than a typical booster of ideas. FRACHI invests not only financial resources, but especially technological know-how, market experience, and manpower into its targets across the United States and Europe. The focus of FRACHI is especially on digitally-driven business ideas in the field of real estate.

Office FRACHI Group
North America
The FRACHI Group
5758 S Dorchester Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
United States
The FRACHI Group
Bockenheimer Landstr. 17-19
60325 Frankfurt


FRACHI is driven by passion for good ideas. For this reason we are especially investing into compelling stories and personalities, not just business plans. We begin our work when others won't even hear what you have to say. That's why FRACHI is the first choice for smart businesses.

The FRACHI Group The Frankfurt-Chicago Group, Inc.

Need help?

FRACHI is searching for opportunities to invest into digitally-driven companies who deal with real estate information. Are you stuck in your investment process or simply need resources? Write to info@the.frachi.group or call +1-312-451-7577 if you are interested in partnering up.


FRACHI is also supporting projects in Chicago and Frankfurt who support their local real estate communities or the friendship between the two cities. Among such initiatives is, for example, FRANKFURT NEXT which is sponsored by The FRACHI Group since 2018. FRANKFURT NEXT tries to promote Frankfurt as a place to be.

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